Rendevous with a fantastic breed of dogs

You’ve chosen our homepage by coincidence or wittingly to get information about the Yorkshire Terrier. Maybe you’re already proud owner of one of these little, but self – confident beauties.
If the latter is true, you will surely agree with us, if we are full of compliments describing our little darlings to the “interested novices”
Primary bred in England as rat catchers, the Yorkie – like he is called by his fans – began his triumphal procession in Europe and America in the 1930’s. He changed in his size and his non – molting, fine silky hair dress gives him a captivating appearance.
Coupled with a pinch of cleverness and a little face, which already fascinates from the eyes, he captured the hearts of many people in the storm.
Despite its small size of approximately 2 - 3.2 kg, he is a true small living lion, cute, cheeky and playful.
This bundle of energy loves its owner with cordiality and shows itself always grateful for strokes. But he is not a lap dog! His ability to accommodate with lot of life circumstances, make it a full-fledged companion. Senior people or families with children, are made for the Yorkshire terrier.  Due to its small size he requires no large house with a garden.
What he needs are people with time to play for hours, beautiful walks, the easy life together with his family. If he is left alone for too long, he will maybe show it to you with a piece of nibbled furniture . Not without a reason he is called the energy bundle in mini format.
If you decide to take such a young dog in your family, please contact reputable breeders.
Any good breeder welcomes you warmly to his home, where he and his Yorkies live, and answer any of your questions.
If you are interested, you can go on browsing our homepage and enjoy